Olympic Games Beijing 2022 toolkit

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Olypi - unofficial olympic API

All request should be made to http://sebastianszwarc.pl:9000, available endpoints:

  1. '/olypi/now'
    returns all the events currently held.
  2. '/olypi/venues'
    returns information about all the arenas
  3. '/olypi/sports'
    returns ids of all the sports with their english and polish name
  4. '/olypi/events'
    returns complete schedule of all the events.
  5. '/olypi/events/:sportID'
    returns complete schedule of single sport,where :sportID is id taken from /olypi/sports
  6. '/olypi/athletes/'
    return information about all athletes
  7. '/olypi/athletes/:countryID'
    returns athletes from specific country where :countryID is 3-letters abbreviation

Beijing 2022 calendar

To subscribe to calendar copy and paste into your browser

or if that does not work, click this link.

Calendar files for single events

If you are intrested only in bookmarking selected events, download relevant ics file and click on it to add event to calendar of your choice.

Alpine Skiing


Short Track Speed Skating

Speed Skating

Ski Jumping

Figure Skating

Nordic Combined


Cross-Country Skiing

Freestyle Skiing





Ice Hockey

Opening/Closing Ceremony